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meeting information

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For the 3rd National Meeting of VW Bus Club of Greece, we selected the historical and of great archaeological interest area of Delphi.
The campsite "Delphi" ( was chosen among others in the region for its beauty, the lush landscape, views, excellent facilities, cleanliness and experience of management in large organizations and meetings of Greek and foreign Clubs.
Another reason why this site was chosen and we must stress is our attempt to share (as we can) the distance to achieve maximum presence of members of the club (200km from Athens, 175km from Agrinio, 170 km from Volos, 354km from Salonika).
The overnight rate compared with other previous meetings is certainly higher, but is much better in services and facilities which in any case is the strong point.

Campervan with 2 persons + electric, 17 € / night
Campervan with 1 person + electric, 12 € / night
Car/Moto + 1 person + tent, 10 € / night
Car/Moto + 2 persons + tent 15 € / night
Extra person, 5 € / night
Children 4-10 years of age, 3 € / night
Participants with campervan who wish to put tent next to their vehicle can do so at no extra charge.
For those who want to stay until Monday afternoon, will be no extra charge

Camping provides:
* Open Pool
* Ping Pong tables
* Table Soccer Games
* Children Playground
* Wi - Fi
* Tavern open all day
* Mini Market open all day

There has been consultation with the management to have our own separate space in the camping.
In the entire area it is strictly prohibited the use of open fire because of the lush landscape so we cannot have the traditional joined BBQ, but we secured special prices and menus for our Club at the restaurant.

Menus include:

First menu at 13 € / person:
Rice stuffed tomatoes + souvlaki (large) with fries + salad for 2 + sweet cake + 1/2 wine or 2 beers.

Second menu at 10 € / person
Moussaka or souvlaki (large) with fries + salad for 2 + sweet cake + 1/2 wine or 2 beers.

Third menu at 6 € / person
Souvlaki (large) with potatoes.

Price List per dish:
Moussaka 6.50
Rice stuffed tomatoes 5.50
Pork 6.80
Lamb 8.00
Fresh fish 9.50
Shrimps 9.00
Spaghetti 5.50
medium pizza 6.00
All coffees 1.50

The restaurant is open all day and all meals are freshly cooked daily.

Welcome gift from the direction of the Camping with a snack and beverage will be at the entrance for all participants. name is Cooled, Air Cooled.


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