3/4/5 June 2017

3-4-5 June 2017
http://www.nissos.club/ Kastrosikia-Preveza
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3/4/5 June 2017

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The 7th National Meeting of the VW Bus Club wiil take place at Nissos Club, Kastrosykia, Preveza. More info coming up soon.
See the meeting place here: http://www.nissos.club/
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Re: 3/4/5 June 2017

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Meeting programm

Saturday 3 June 2017
.....-........ arrivals and registration
18.00-19.00 Games for children and grown-ups
20.00-24.00 Official welcome and Tavern fest, live music
Sunday 4 June 2017
10.00-14.00 Driving tour to Ziros Lake (stop-over for coffee break and return to camp for lunch)
18.00-19.00 Backgammon tournaments
19.00-20.00 Club Assembly
20.00.-24.00 Joined dinner at camp site (bring your own dish with food)
Monday 5 June 2017
11.00 goodbyes

general info
-Participation cost is 25€ per vehicle for all days
-Souvenirs and gifts for every vehicle
-Early arrival is available from Saturday 2 June 2017
-No food included at entry fee
-Electricity for partcipants is free
-Use af toilets and shower is free of charge
-No open fire is allowed
-Use of camp's beach umbrellas is free of charge
-Bazaar is available with no extra charge
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